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Sail the seven seas at Kevin Asmus Park

Bright, bold and nautical in theme, kids have the chance to play pirate for the day at recently upgraded Kevin Asmus Park, Buddina.

Sunshine Coast Council has replaced all the play equipment at the park nestled along Nanyima Street.

Since the fencing came down, the new equipment has already travelled many nautical miles and is guaranteed to have the kids calling out ‘Ahoy, me hearties’ and ‘All hand hoy’.

The works included removing the existing multi-play unit and swing set, which was replaced with a new slide, ship bow, rope suspension to clamber across to the crows-nest and swing set.

It doesn’t take long before the kids have their sea-legs and are scouring the seven seas for gold before battening down the hatches.

There’s plenty of hidey-holes for exploration and imaginary play at ‘treasure island’. The park has a mixture of sand softfall and wear pads so is comfortable for little ones.

Shade sails and established trees provide lovely shade in and around the playground.

The popular pirate ship theme provides a variety of different play opportunities for all ages. Check it out next time you’re in Buddina.

BEFORE IMAGES of the multi-play unit.

For more information about our playgrounds and green spaces visit Council’s Beaches and Parks Directory.

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