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WATCH: A pathway to improved safety for pedestrians in Nambour

Walking, riding, running and scootering to and from south Nambour is now much safer, smoother and more enjoyable after the completion of a new 1km stretch of elevated pathway alongside Nambour Connection Rd.

Sunshine Coast Council Division 10 Councillor David Law said the project was funded by Council’s Local Government Infrastructure Plan (LGIP) Program and included upgrades to the Erbacher Rd intersection, funded by the State Government.

“This project completes a missing pathway link and greatly improves safety on the route between Nambour Christian College, the Nambour town centre and residential areas,” Cr Law said.

“It also provides connectivity between residential populations from the western suburbs of Nambour and the Nambour town centre, schools, sports facilities and the business precinct.

“The pathway itself is approximately 1km in length and varies in width between 1.8m and 2.5m. There are three sections of cantilevered walkway required by the steep slopes at the side of Nambour Connection Road.

“Combinations of concrete barriers and guardrail have been installed to protect pedestrians and cyclists using the pathway. The pathway is lit with 30 power saving LED lights, which are designed to limit light pollution beyond the pathway area.

“I’m really pleased to share that as part of this project, council is working with local street artists to produce an attractive and appropriate decoration of the concrete barriers. Street art will be applied to the outward facing side of the barriers and will provide a stylish entry into Nambour.

“This project aligns with Council’s Integrated Transport Strategy which encourages the use of sustainable, safe and efficient transport modes within our region.

“One of the key targets of this strategy is to motivate people to change their travel behaviours by providing new links and infrastructure which enables safe, direct and connected walking, cycling and rolling networks, particularly for short distance trips in urban areas.”

Motorists will also benefit from increased visibility and improved safety conditions at the Nambour Connection Road and Erbacher Road intersection.

Member for Nicklin Rob Skelton MP said improvements had been completed at the intersection to remedy a recent trend of rear-end crashes.

“The restricted viewing angle many motorists experienced when attempting to enter Nambour Connection Road from Erbacher Road meant they would often brake suddenly when they saw oncoming vehicles on Nambour Connection Road at the last minute,” Mr Skelton said.

“By realigning the left-out slip lane onto Nambour Connection Road, we have improved visibility for motorists.

“This means it is now easier for motorists to see northbound traffic and more safely turn into Nambour Connection Road from Erbacher Road.”

The works included minor asphalt removal and construction to accommodate the left-turn lane realignment, installing new lighting, improving underground drainage, amending signs and line marking, and minor vegetation clearing.

The intersection upgrade was funded under the Queensland Government’s Targeted Road Safety Program, which aims to improve road safety by implementing high-benefit, cost-effective treatments at known and potential crash locations.

Nambour Connection Rd pathway project – fast facts:

  • Approximately 1km in total, ranging from 1.8m to 2.5m wide
  • Northern cantilevered section at 110m in length & 1.95m wide
  • Middle cantilevered section at 140m in length & 2.5m wide
  • Southern cantilevered section at 100m in length & 2.5m wide
  • Each cantilevered walkway is supported at 5.4m intervals by three piles and a headstock to anchor it to the steep slopes at the side of the road
  • Pathway is lit by 30 LED lights designed to limit light pollution beyond the pathway
  • Includes more than 200 individual micro-piles totalling 3204 linear metres.
  • More than 520 cubic metres of concrete, 40 tonnes of reinforcing steel, 10 tonnes of structural steel were used in the pathway construction.

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