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BEFORE AND AFTER: Incredible Bald Knob property transformation

A Hinterland couple have planted 4000 trees over 10 years with a mission to restore the property back to health.

Peter and Sharon purchased their 20 hectare property at Bald Knob in 2011. The original vegetation had long been cleared for grazing and the property presented a host of challenges including landslips, a plethora of weeds – all on extreme slopes.

They immediately set themselves the task of replanting areas in an attempt to prevent further erosion, dry out water-logged areas and provide habitat for the local wildlife.

While Peter and Sharon have invested a considerable amount of their own time and money, they have also received assistance through council’s Environment Levy funded Landholders Environment Grants.

These council grants have helped them to access funds for trees, materials, and some contractor labour to assist with the ongoing task of re-establishing tree cover and managing high priority environmental weeds.

Ten years and 4000 trees later, this dedicated couple have already brought about significant positive changes to a seriously degraded property.

“One of our goals is to leave our property in a healthier condition than when we bought it and the help we have received through the council grant program has made this goal more achievable.”

Peter and Sharon have just started planting the next stage of their project with an additional 400 trees to go in the ground.

Last year, 9261 hectares of land was managed for conservation under the Sunshine Coast Land for Wildlife program, and $229,000 in Landholder Environment Grants were approved for 69 recipients.

Learn more about Environment Landholder Grants.

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