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Recycle right in your home office

This week, a snap lock down has a lot of us working back in our home office. If a little clean up in on the cards, watch along here as here Sandie shows us how we can STILL recycle right in our home office.

You’ll learn:

• What you can recycle in a home office

• Can I recycle thermal paper receipts?

• What to do with shredded paper

• What to do with small pieces of paper.

• Does recycling need to be in a plastic bag

• Where can I recycle pens?

• Where can I recycle batteries?

• Can I recycle bubble wrap?

Plus lots more….

Don’t forget the five simple tips to help you recycle right on the Sunshine Coast:

• Keep it clean – empty of food, drink and other contents

• Keep it simple – bottles and containers only when it comes to plastics

• Keep it safe for our workers and people sorting your recycling

• Size does matter – nothing smaller than the size of a yogurt pot in

• Rethink and avoid.

Free disposal items at Sunshine Coast Council Resource Recovery Centres…

What to recycle at Sunshine Coast Council Resource Recovery Centres…

What to REDcycle…

Where to REDcycle…

Officeworks pen recycling…

Oral Care Recycling Program…

Electric toothbrush recycling…

Head to LIVING SMART to find how to rethink and avoid waste in the first place.… #recycleright #livingsmart

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