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Have you ever wondered how Council checks the condition of our underground stormwater network?

As most of our stormwater assets are located underground it can be difficult to know if anything is wrong until it is too late.

Fortunately, recent advances in technology have allowed us to use CCTV surveys to assist with our condition assessments.

Take a look at our fancy CCTV survey rover! It allows us to do physical inspections of the stormwater network and provides us with images of what’s happening inside the pipes.

This helps us determine if maintenance or rehabilitation works are required.

Council maintains more than 1500 km stormwater pipes and 63,000 pits or end structures, so it’s really important for us to keep track of their condition.

Blocked or broken stormwater pits and pipes could have serious consequences if they cannot function properly.


To help ensure we have an integrated stormwater network that is effective, sustainable and contributes to waterway health, Council has developed the Draft Stormwater Management Strategy and is now seeking community feedback.

Visit Council’s website to have your say by 5pm Friday 14 May.

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