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Stormwater Management Strategy to meet needs of growing community

Sunshine Coast Council has set the framework and direction for effective stormwater management in the region following the endorsement of our Stormwater Management Strategy at today’s (19 August) Ordinary Meeting.

Environment and Liveability Portfolio Councillor Maria Suarez said the strategy would lead to more effective stormwater management for our community and address existing and future challenges and opportunities.

“Effective stormwater management ensures our waterways are healthy, protects people and property from flooding and utilises stormwater and rainwater as a resource,” Cr Suarez said.

“Stormwater management affects everyone on the Sunshine Coast and we need to plan for the future  to protect our natural environment and adapt to changes.

“Meeting the stormwater management needs of our growing community in a changing climate is critical to delivering a healthy environment and liveable Sunshine Coast. Everyone has a role to play.

“Our community has already helped shape the strategy through their feedback earlier this year – where they nominated healthy waterways as their top priority – and we look forward to continuing to work with them to achieve the best results for our region.

“Stormwater management is more than just putting infrastructure in the ground. It’s also about planning and policy decisions, providing practical guidance, raising awareness of stormwater flooding risks, managing stormwater infrastructure and ensuring compliance with laws and regulations.  

“Council currently manages $1.7 billion worth of stormwater assets, which is rapidly growing and becoming more complex and diverse.

“Our assets range from vegetated stormwater treatment devices to underground concrete culverts. But, because most of these assets go unnoticed, the important role they play in delivering a healthy, safe and liveable region is often undervalued.

“Council’s Environment and Liveability Strategy (ELS) outlines a target to deliver stormwater assets that are effective and responsive to our changing environment, together with stormwater management processes that protect the natural and built environment. The Stormwater Management Strategy sets deliverable actions to achieve those targets.

“The Strategy builds on the work done in the ELS and complements other major projects such as Blue Heart Sunshine Coast and the Coastal Hazard Adaptation Strategy.”

The vision for stormwater management in 2041 is that “stormwater is managed for community wellbeing and resilience, facilitated by an integrated stormwater network that is effective, sustainable and contributes to waterway health”.

The three key objectives of the Stormwater Management Strategy are:

  1. Resilient and smart. Wellbeing and resilience are enhanced by increased stormwater awareness, clever planning and good design.
  2. Protected and healthy. Stormwater management protects the natural and built environment and supports healthy communities and ecosystems.
  3. Coordinated and well managed. Stormwater assets are effective and responsive to a changing environment.

To find out more and view the strategy visit

Image: Council uses CCTV surveys to assist with condition assessments. The CCTV survey rover enables Council to do physical inspections of the stormwater network and provides images of what’s happening inside the pipes.

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