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Stormwater management: simple tips for your home

Stormwater management is about protecting our waterways from pollutants and increased and concentrated flows, using rainwater and stormwater as a resource and ensuring homes and infrastructure are not flooded during storm events.  

We’re calling on you Sunshine Coast home owner’s to help us manage stormwater more effectively.  

Here are some simple things you can do at home:  

  • regularly clean out gutters and drains 
  • ensure leaf litter is not swept into stormwater drains 
  • limit your use of fertilisers, herbicides and pesticides – particularly before rainfall 
  • install gutter guards 
  • install rainwater tanks for irrigation, toilet flushing and/or washing machine use 
  • install downpipe diverters for passive stormwater harvesting 
  • make sure pathways or pavements fall towards garden areas 
  • store and dispose of any fuels and chemicals appropriately  


The Draft Stormwater Management Strategy aims to identify existing and future issues and outlines ways they can be addressed.  

Community input is so valuable, as it will help to inform the final strategy and the direction of stormwater management in the region.  

Visit Council’s website to have your say on the draft strategy by 5pm Friday 14 May.

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