Green light issued for Palmview’s future planning

Sunshine Coast Council will amend the Palmview Infrastructure Agreement and the Structure Plan and Planning Scheme Policy to provide for a revised road network to service this community.


Sunshine Coast Council will amend the Palmview Infrastructure Agreement and the Structure Plan and Planning Scheme Policy to provide for a revised road network to service this community.

With the impending completion of the Bruce Highway Connection, this new connection will now be recognised as the next road link in Council’s planning documents.

Importantly, the revised road network for Palmview will enable the Palmview development to continue, which is a critical outcome given the current housing crisis on the Sunshine Coast and the need to ensure the continuity of land supply for the construction of new homes.  

A case for change

Division 6 Councillor Christian Dickson said Council had always considered the Bruce Highway Connection to be of great importance for the Palmview Community and looked forward to AVID completing construction as required by the State Government’s conditions of approval.

“I have been working with the local community and key stakeholders on this project since 2010 and understand the crucial issues and concerns surrounding road access, the proposed town centre, commercial opportunities, sewerage, water and highway access,” Cr Dickson said.

“There has been a pressing need for the road network to change to avoid the progress of Palmview coming to a complete standstill with no more development, no more infrastructure and no more homes.  

“AVID has sought an extension of the State’s deadline to complete the Bruce Highway Connection which is now due to be finished by 30 November and will likely be by the end of the year,” Cr Dickson said.

“Once that connection is in place, Council will pursue the amendment to the planning documents to implement the revised road network.

“The Bruce Highway Connection will greatly assist in the overall safety and efficient functioning of the road network for Palmview by providing a safe and convenient access point to the community in the event that one road may be blocked due to an accident or natural disaster.

“Changes to the road network will not proceed until such time that the Bruce Highway Connection has been completed and open to the public.

“Council has a strong legacy of planning positively to accommodate projected future population growth and will continue to work with the State Government across a range of areas to effectively address housing availability and affordability challenges.

“In conjunction with Council’s decision to revise the road network, Council has also secured additional funding for community facilities for the Palmview community that can assist in the funding for future items such as meeting places and a possible new library.”

Key dates

  • The Bruce Highway Connection road is expected to be delivered by the end of the year
  • The agreement will deliver in excess of $15 million to Council to go towards providing community facilities to serve the Palmview community
  • The community can have their say on the proposed future road networks under the new planning scheme community consultation in 2024
  • Delivery of the southern road link to Caloundra Road is proposed to be finalised by mid-2026. Council is seeking to have a fully funded road network to ensure ratepayers will not have to foot the bill.

Fast facts

Approximately 3,200 Equivalent Dwellings (EDs, with one ED equating to a single detached dwelling) have been approved to date in Palmview to date, out of an ultimate total of 9,621 EDs.

Since 2021 Council has sought to amend the Palmview Major Road Transport Infrastructure to:

  • ensure that all the development fronts in Palmview can continue
  • secure additional financial contributions of more than $15 million for community facilities for the Palmview community
  • secure a fully funded and functional road network informed by Council’s traffic modelling.

The amended road network will be delivered in the following sequence:

    • Peter Crosby Way – Complete
    • Bruce Highway Connection Link – Completion by 30/11/2023
    • East-West Link and Claymore Road Intersection Upgrades – Completion before 4,000 EDs
    • Southern Road Link – completion before 5,000 EDs
    • Springhill Drive Link – completion before 6,500 EDs.

Council agreed to the amendment at the October 2023 Ordinary Meeting.

The amended planning documents will be publicly available once they have taken effect.

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