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Could you remember more than 120 coffee orders each day?

Beginning with brewing a humble coffee for her partner’s customers to growing her own thriving business in the heart of Nambour, Bury Lane Coffee‘s owner Deb is a true Local Business Champion.

Deb knows her customers so well that you won’t see names scrawled on paper cups in her cafe.

She remembers each and every customer by name, plus their preferred brew and is always happy to lend an ear if needed.

Making up to 120 cups each day, Deb keeps very busy as a solo operator yet she still makes time to share the love with other local business people.

For no cost or fees, Deb features local producers at her cafe to help them showcase and sell their locally sourced products including fresh limes, homemade face masks, organic cosmetics and locally-grown macadamia nuts, to name a few.

She even throws in a solid sales pitch and upsell, too! Deb has weathered the COVID storm and opened her doors post lock-down with a bright outlook.

Her business resilience came down to her strong customer and local business ties.

Deb is a true lifter. Next time you’re in Nambour, head to Bury Lane Coffee.

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