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Lookin’ pine! Visit Sunshine Coast’s top Insta pic for 2021

We on the Sunshine Coast do not shy away from our love of pineapples, big and small!

This year, our friends at Visit Sunshine Coast shared a stunning sunset snap of Morgan’s Pines in the Glass House Mountains and it quickly became their most liked Instagram post of the year.

The post sparked a frenzy of comments from travellers who didn’t realise that pineapples grew on plants like flowers, not trees.

Photo credit: @puregoldpineapples

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Did you know? Our Sunshine Coast Council Heritage website includes some great pineapple farming stories.

  • Pat Brown was born in 1918 and grew up on a citrus farm in Montville. He talks about the decline of citrus farming, the Fruitgrowers and Progress Association and the change to pineapple farming.
  • Bill Fullerton’s story – Since the early days the Fullerton families have produced and established large scale pineapple and citrus farms throughout the Glass House Mountains district. They have helped shape policies on quota deliveries of pineapples and are a powerful force in the overall enterprise including connectivity to the Golden Circle cannery.
  • Chris Howard was born in 1906 from a Danish family. She talks about dairy farming, school at Montville, snake bite, pineapple farming, dances and balls.

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