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Federation Park Circuit, Palmwoods

Endless green space with contemporary features bound to please everyone.

Federation Park is suitable for all ages, particularly families and pet owners.

Hidden behind the main street of Palmwoods, Federation Park is a large outdoor recreation space.

Take a brisk walk around the 700-metre walkway, circling the park and following the banks of Paynter Creek.

As you follow the path, the sheer scale of green open space quickly embraces you. The wide, flat path makes it an ideal location for after school or weekend family rides.

The park includes an outdoor fitness space, fitted with modern equipment to enhance your physical experience.

A fenced dog-off leash area is also available for the community and visitors to exercise their pets.

And the littlies haven’t been forgotten about – with a colourful, safe playground just off the path, sure to provide endless fun and entertainment.

With such a large area to take in, why not do a second lap?

This is one park you won’t want to leave in a hurry. Take time to enjoy the large parkland. Let the kids run wild, have a picnic, use the BBQ facilities or read a book under the trees.

The park also includes a large, beautiful designed covered area, fitted with white picketing, exposed road walls and dark timber furniture.

Travel through Palmwoods town centre, turning right onto Lingard Street and then right into Primrose Court. Keep an eye out for the directional signage which will guide you to the park. There is limited parking, so you may need to access a nearby on-street park and take a short walk.


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