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Mary Cairncross – Forest Walk

Overlooking the Glass House Mountains landscape, Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve offers 55 hectares of some of Australia’s best subtropical rainforest and is home to diverse animal life. This 1.7km walk is seriously a must-do adventure for all the family – sure to delight and inspire the young and old.

Suitable for walkers. Not for wheelchair and pram users (see other walks suitable for this) – this is a Grade 2 walk – the track is a hardened and compacted surface and may have gentle hill sections and occasional steps.

You access the rainforest walks through the discovery centre by gold coin donation. This walk can be a loop or simple there and back. The walks start with a common section and then a larger outer loop, which is 1.7km. A path leads from about halfway around the loop, creating two smaller loops about 1.3km each. The extensive boardwalk does have a number of steps.

The walks have information signs pointing out the various trees in the park. Amongst its lush greenery you’ll find Australian Red Cedar, Black Bean, Yellow Carrabeen, White Beech, Tulip Oak and many large Strangling Figs as well as Piccabeen Palms in the wetter areas of the forest.

In the rainforest you may be also fortunate enough to see or hear native birdlife including wrens, whipbirds, riflebirds, bowerbirds, bush turkeys, as well as Queensland native butterflies. There are seats along the way to sit and absorb the ambience. Sit quietly and watch the small birds dart along the path, seemingly unconcerned about visitors. The cool dense forest is also home to a variety of beautiful wildlife including endangered amphibians and lizards, as well cute little wallabies.

Take in the spectacular view of the Glass House Mountains as you relax at the café or enjoy a picnic on the open grass and watch the pademelon wallabies while the kids enjoy the playground nearby. Souvenirs can also be bought at the kiosk.

Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve is perched high in the Sunshine Coast hinterland. Travelling from Landsborough, turn off Landsborough-Maleny Road into Mountain View Road at Bald Knob. Head to 148 Mountain View Road (about 1.4 km along) where you’ll find a car park, picnic grounds, a kiosk and café, as well as a natural history / interpretive centre.


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