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The latest piece of Public Art encourages quiet reflection at Muller Park

If you have been to Muller Park in Bli Bli recently, you may have stumbled across Sunshine Coast’s newest Public Art Collection piece by artists Karen Jones and Kirsten Cash.

The work titled, The Knowledge Continues celebrates, not only our First Nations culture, but the talent and artistry of our First Nations people to share the story of this place, merging our history with our contemporary community.

The artwork is installed near the edge of the Maroochy River and invites you to sit, watch the river and reflect on the symbols featured on the artwork. 

In collaboration with Kirsten Cash, this public art work by Kabi Kabi artist, Karen Jones is the first time her work has been showed in a public space and was generously funded by Division 9 Councillor Maria Suarez.

Kabi Kabi artist Karen Jones has designed symbols of shells, Mullet, crabs, She-oak, Golden wattle, Hops bush and mangroves that are connected through lines over the work. 

These are all significant elements of the land along the river’s edge and home to many shell middens, identifying a long history as a place to meet, gather and feast.

Muller Park and surrounds has been, and continues to be, a meeting place for First Nations peoples and our contemporary community.

The timber form represents the subtle shape of an upturned canoe you may see along the water’s edge, as well as a seedpod as a symbol of the continuing generational knowledge that is passed on through families and community.

It is believed that the name Bli Bli was derived from the Kabi Kabi/Gubbi Gubbi word bilai, meaning She-oak tree. 

Also featured is the Mud Crab that thrives in the mangroves rich environment and traditionally one of our First Nations peoples’ daily food sources.

Kabi Kabi peoples also knew when the Hops bush is in flower, the oysters are ripe; and when the Golden wattle is in bloom, it is Mullet season.

The Knowledge Continues celebrates our place and environment, our history and our people.

You can view the public artwork in Muller Park off David Low Way, Bli Bli

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