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Parrearra Lock flows once again

After undergoing its essential 15 year maintenance works, the Parrearra Lock has re-opened for our community’s boating pleasure.

Thank-you to the lock users and residents for your patience while we undertook this vital work.

The Parrearra Lock allows boats to travel between the Parrearra lake and the Mooloolah River and over the past nine weeks has undergone an extensive overhaul, including:

  • cleaning of sludge and marine growth off the surface of the lock
  • reconditioning the lock gates, which were transferred to an offsite facility to be stripped, repaired, recoated and rubber seals replaced
  • servicing of all actuators and gearboxes, anode replacement and other maintenance to ensure the lock continues to service our community.

As an added bonus for lock users, a wireless access system has been installed allowing them to open the lock gates remotely. new frequency operated button or FOB can be purchased from our Customer Contact Centres from December 22 or you can still use your traditional access card.

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