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Should we be named the Stormy Coast?

The Sunshine Coast experiences very intense rainfall during short storm events. For example, a one hour storm event, with a 1% chance of occurring each year, we could expect approximately 110mm of rainfall.  

These short and intense storm events are relatively common on the Sunshine Coast due to the variety of weather conditions we experience throughout the year, the proximity and alignment of the coast and the effect of the Blackall Range.   

Being prepared for these intense storms is critical to the ongoing sustainability of our region. 


To help ensure we have an integrated stormwater network that is effective, sustainable and contributes to waterway health, Council has developed the Draft Stormwater Management Strategy and is now seeking community feedback.  

Your input is so valuable, as it will help to inform the final strategy and the direction of stormwater management.  

Visit Council’s website to have your say by 5pm Friday 14 May.

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